Aggression is a common occurrence in detention centers and research shows that most prison staff is exposed to some kind of physical violence during their tenure.


  • Automatic Aggression Detection
  • Listen out immediately the event that triggered the alarm, for verification
  • Works when no camera's are available or allowed
  • Full software suite for control and management
  • Prevents escalation of verbal aggression into violence
  • Simple to install and configure


Aggression in prisons.

Reports suggests that 90 percent of physical aggression is preceded by verbal aggression. The Aggression Detector is a valuable tool because it recognizes vocal hostility and enables security guards to intervene to prevent further escalation. For prisons and detention facilities, the Aggression Detector can actually help to save lives. By deterring just one assault, the detector can help institutes save thousands of dollars in investigation, medical and court fees. 

The aggression detection solution for prisons can be delivered with a feature-rich Audio Management System that handles alarm mechanisms, schedules and procedures, authority levels, recording options for evidence gathering and priority settings. Another deployment option is integrating the Aggression Detector with an existing video management system.

Aggression Detection for Prisons by Sound Intelligence

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