Healthcare Institutes

Acoustic Monitoring for Patients


  • Enhanced patient monitoring
  • Greater privacy for patients
  • No unnecessary room check-ins
  • Integrates with the Unicare suite of CLB


In healthcare, acoustic monitoring systems have been used for years to monitor patients. Traditional acoustic monitoring systems generate alerts based on either a volume threshold (this is considered first generation technology) or a volume-over-time threshold (which is second generation).

Sound Intelligence has developed its Acoustic Monitoring System, a third generation monitoring solution. This patented technology is unique in its ability to differentiate sounds. Noises designated as irrelevant can be filtered out or shown with a lower priority. The system can also be set up to alert staff to specific sounds which may cause or indicate patient distress.

By reducing false alarms, the Acoustic Monitoring System allows staff to focus more on genuine care, and therefore, increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Sound Intelligence partners with CLB on solutions for healthcare. CLB specializes in the development, production, installation and service of innovative integrated communication and alert systems to hospitals and care homes. CLB is market leader in healthcare monitoring systems.

Sound Intelligence Acoustic Monitoring 3rd generation

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