City Surveillance

Smart and Efficient Monitoring


  • Increases public safety
  • Detection of aggression, gunshots, breaking glass and car alarms
  • More efficient monitoring
  • Easily deployed when cameras aren’t available or permitted


Municipalities need to ensure citizen safety and often rely on advanced security technologies to enhance their efforts.  

Sound Intelligence’s Aggression, Gunshot, Glass Break and Car Alarm Detectors are implemented in several cities across the Globe. Since sound detection works regardless of lighting conditions and as it provides 360-degree coverage, sound detectors can be applied where cameras are not installed. For this reason, sound detectors significantly expand law enforcement’s coverage and situational awareness.

Instead of central station guards having to monitor hundreds of video camera feeds, sound detectors help them prioritize and focus on a specific location that has been flagged by the sensor.

Sound detectors are cost-effective solutions that can either operate as stand-alone systems or easily integrate with existing video management systems.

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